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Our company is engaged in the development and promotion of sites and Web applications. Our experience consists of many successfully implemented projects of various levels of complexity. From small business card sites and landings to unique projects with a complex data structure and organization. We not only develop websites, but also create Web applications that serve to automate many business processes. CMS for corporate clients and other programs running on the Web. This allows you to access important information from anywhere in the world. Do not get attached to the hardware, and get access to your application on any device connected to the Internet. For many of our projects, we do not use common CMS overloaded with redundant code and known vulnerabilities. And we use our unique "engine" in which only the features you need are provided. A minimum number of third-party libraries allow browsers to process code faster. Adaptive SEO-optimized markup helps in promoting your site. In the development and CEO, we follow all modern trends in website development. Ready to develop a unique design, logos and corporate identity for your company. Solutions that you can use not only on your website, but also on business cards, booklets and other promotional materials. For online stores, we can also use any well-known CMS - Bitrix, OpenCart, Prestashop and others. Integration of online stores with 1C and other programs, connection of payment systems, filling the site with content and goods. An individual approach to each project, to each client. We try to meet your expectations, to do the job efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

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Website development of any complexity.

Creation of "turnkey" sites. Development always begins with filling out the Terms of Reference. Only after the completed Terms of Reference can we talk about prices and terms. If you are offered to make a site "from $$$" in two days, it is likely that it will be a template solution. It is impossible to evaluate the work in advance without knowing its volume. The next step is to create a design. Do you want a unique solution? You do not want to be like others?  We will do the design exactly as much as necessary in order to match your idea. And finally, the development of the site layout. Do you want to "touch" your site before  customers will work with him. Every little thing matters! A site is your tool, the same as machine tools in production, commercial and industrial equipment.  Buying a site - you buy a tool whose purpose is to bring you income in the process of your work.


Budget Based Promotion

If you have a limited budget, you should approach the promotion very carefully and methodically. Sometimes investments in promotion are meaningless if the “breakdown effect” is not achieved. Marketers are well aware of what is at stake. It’s worthwhile to understand that with a limited budget it’s more difficult to compete, but the position of your resource directly depends on the position of the resources of your competitors. After all, ranking in the SERP is nothing but a rating that cannot be without competitors. There is always someone who wants to be taller than you and just as you spend money on promotion. This is a constant rivalry, and stopping in this process can be fatal. And remember, you can’t say "I am ready to spend $ 100 and I want to be on the first line in the world always!".

Promotion based on goals

If you pursue certain goals, then calculating the budget to achieve them is a little easier. But remember, the budget will change over time. It is possible to decrease crowding out the main competitors, and it is possible to increase over time due to the competitive reaction. In any case, this approach in the CEO, in our opinion, is the most advantageous. You know where you are aiming, you pay for a certain march for a certain period. The cost of SEO promotion, advertising campaigns and other actions always depends on four factors: the geography you want to influence, the amount of traffic attracted, the competitive environment and the time for which you want to get a result.

Website SEO promotion is an ongoing process. It’s like endless mountain climbing.

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